Welcome to Kiev Swing Dance Club!

Welcome to Kiev Swing Dance Club!
Whether you are a guest in Kiev for a few days, or live here, you are always invited to come to our dance classes or swing dance parties!
Swinglandia Dance Camp 2010
If you are planning a visit to Kiev, let us suggest to choose May holidays! Why? Because Kiev is beautiful in May - chestnut trees are blooming, everything's green, lots of pretty girls on the streets... Well, these are fine reasons, but most importantly, the biggest, the most exciting, and the most popular swing dance camp in ex-USSR takes place in Kiev, around the 1st of May holidays! We usually have around 300-400 people, well-known European or American teachers with English instruction, and wild dances all night long! (see it yourself! Here's photoalbum)
Swinglandia 2010 dance camp will be happenin' at May 1-4, 2010, in a resort area about 40 minutes drive from the Kiev center.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION!All citizens of EU, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan have VISA-FREE ENTRY to Ukraine!
For more details visit Swinglandia's web site at http://www.swinglandia.kiev.ua or contact the organizers at +380 50 311 8773 (Andrei) or +380 50 312 5687 (Taras).
If you are in Kiev, please come to our dance classes! The classes start at 7pm every weekday and on Sunday at various locations around the Kiev city. Some of the groups have instruction in two languages - English and Russian. Please feel free to contact one of the dance instructors for details: +380503125687 (Taras), +380503118773 (Andrei).
You are most welcome to come to our parties! Usually they take place at one of the clubs in Kiev. Please call us (see details at the end of the page) for the schedule of parties or ask a Russian speaker to check our web site's news for details. Sometimes we move the parties to various places, such as Moda Bar, Swing Club, Mamont Club, and others. Usually admission is free or 10-15 hryvnias (2-3$). During the summer months we have regular open-air dancing in Mariininski Park on "Rakushka" scene or near the monument to Vatutin.
English Forum
If you are looking for advice, or just want to ask a question, feel free to use our English-language forum
Contact Information
E-mail: info@swingdance.kiev.ua
Swinglandia Dance Camp: info@swinglandia.kiev.ua
Tel.: +380 50 311 8773 (Andrei), +380 312 5687 (Taras)

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